Why You Should Be Running Grid Bots on Bitsgap

A grid bot is a trading bot that helps you place a set of sell and purchase orders within a specific price range. The bot trading strategy is efficient in placing successful orders. The grid bot is a perfect strategy for nearly any market, mainly sideways. The profit of grid bots is earned when the buy orders are placed below the set price and the sell orders above. It is the perfect complement to the regular DCA bots.

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Bitsgap SBot Grid Bots

3commas is a platform that helps you run grid bots to ensure you have the best tools to become a profitable trader. However, you will realize there is another platform called Bitsgap that is a game-changer in trading. The Bitsgap SBot can shoot your profits up in an unimaginable way. Below are the main features of the Bitsgap SBot.


1. Stop-loss for Grid Bots

The feature is more significant for leveraged bots. It is crucial to traders who are busy somewhere else or traveling and not looking at their bots. It offers more safety to the investor to set a limit on the lowest price for sell orders. 3commas grid bots do not provide this feature; you will have to closely watch your orders

2. Trailing up and down feature

The SBot grid bot has a trailing up and down feature, which indicates that the grid bot cannot sell your coins upon reaching the upper grid level. It also means that when the trailing down part is activated, the bot can keep buying below the lowest grid level. 3commas grid bots do not offer trailing up and down. It indicates that you have no base coin on the upper level and also you will redo the grid with a new bot at the lower level. The SBot reduces the risk of a falling market on the investor’s portfolio. 

3. SBot grid bot performance interface

The feature is ideal for traders to gauge the capability of your SBot grid bot. The part offers to trade information such as profits per day, current funds value, and quote currency and manages the setups using one platform. It provides the ideal and detailed report compared to 3commas. 3commas interface offers unrealistic metrics on a different window. You need an extra sheet to transfer the bot results to get the metrics of the gird bot.

4. Take profit feature

The bot allows you to sell all the coins and lock your bot when a specific profit percentage is reached. However, the feature can only be accessed on the pro-level plan. The part is ideal for traders to make an immediate profit hence a short-term strategy. 3commmas does not have this feature, and the bot closes when the coins are sold at the upper border.

5. Backtesting Algorithm 

Bitsgap offers automated trading bots with proven and instant backtested strategies. It helps traders to secure optimal pairs based on their return and risk preferences. You can quickly test and discover the best trading strategies to use. Bitsgap allows you to run via the tool for up to 30 days before making decisions on investments. 3commas has no backtesting tool for their bots.

SBots profits can go over to 30% per month or 1% per day depending on market behavior and trend.